1. My #1 Place

    My number one place to relax and enjoy some great drinks. For sure check stop by if you're in the area.…Read More

    Brady Walters
  2. Divine & Authentic

    The coffee was almost spiritual and the pastries were divine and authentic…Read More

    Sherry Hunter
  3. Excellent Business

    Excellent local business with great good an atmosphere. Highly recommend!!…Read More

    Greg Davis
  4. Delicious

    Delicious food and great customer service.…Read More

    Katie Emery
  5. Superb & Delicious

    Superb coffee & delicious pastries! Loved meeting Sal & learning about true Italian pastries.…Read More

    Alyssa Gay
  6. Quality

    Quality, taste & presentation of each dessert is on point.…Read More

    Tim Mitten
  7. Great

    Great panini pastries and Espresso…Read More

    Luigi Cannata
  8. Excellent

    Excellent drinks and great music. Will be going back!…Read More

    Sammy D. Simpkins
  9. So Much Fun

    Love the first Friday jams I'm just learning and they were so kind to me. So much fun.…Read More

    Vanessa Byrnes
  10. Unbelievable

    Unbelievable, best little find in a long time. Brings back memories. Coming back often. Say hi to Duchess!!…Read More

    Mia Glover